Mark – Flowcharts


Quickly and easily create diagrams, flowcharts, and wireframes!  This app is as easy as grabbing your iPad and drawing.  Our technology instantly converts your iPad sketches into professional shapes and converts your scribble into editable text!

The Mark app is easy to use – start the app, draw your images on the iPad and instantly watch them convert to professional images and letters.  Once you have completed the drawing, you can then save this as an image accessible by your camera roll.  Take that image and import into your favorite graphics package, text editor powerpoint, or any other program that supports image files.  Please note that Mark exports as an image – so you will need to have knowledge of using images in software programs.





Mark is a very simple to use program.  Basically the user will create the objects on the screen, allow the software to try and figure out what the object is, and then it will convert to a usable item.

Once the image is complete and you are satisfied with how the item (s) look on the screen, then you will export this object which will then be saved on your camera roll.

In order to view the item, navigate to the camera roll on your phone, where you will be able to view the item.

Most users will then email the image to themselves to use at a later date or to import into their favorite word processor or other software package for modification or use.