Capital – Scan, Sign & Send


A revolutionary document scanner that fits in your pocket. Allowing you to scan, sign and send a pdf document in under 15 seconds or your money back period!

Despite the trend of everything going digital, paper documents still matter considerably. Given we have excellent devices in our offices to capture, organize and share the information in paper form, a solution for exceptional documents scanning on the go that solves this need completely is nonexistent until now.

What if you’re not in the office and you desperately need to scan a file and send it to someone else? Sure, you could take a picture with your iPhone, but when only the best will do you will only use Capital.

I’ve worked with people who take photos of documents and say it’s good enough, like Jim one minute it was documents the next it cost us $30 million…he was fired and now I’m CEO of this great company and the first thing I did was change its name, to represent the very best.

Have you looked at that result…Using your phone’s camera alone to scan documents produces low-quality results. You also have to worry about lighting, focus, aspect, cropping, quality and file size with Capital we handle all of that automatically.

We also have smart scan technology integrated that recognizes the outlines of your document and tries to detect the intent of your document.

So, in the end you receive only the actual document you need and the actions you desire based on what you’re actually scanning without a useless background or having to crop anything out.

Our whites are spectacularly white….You mean whiter than a Panasonic KV S3105 that pumps at beauty at 600 dpi? Ha yes and that’s a $17,000 document scanner.