GIFY – Gif Creator and Editor


The ULTIMATE GIF experience; create, personalize, and share gifs with everyone. You are now a GIF content-creator and can quickly generate gifs from any photo or video.

-Create GIFs from saved Photos and Videos or combine the existing GIFs into the new one
-Customize GIFS with over 10 different settings – dimensions, frame delay, loop count, aspect fit/fill, etC
-Preview GIFs from the Photos App Library
-Save the resulting GIFs to the App Documents folder or directly to the Photos App Library
-Share the GIF using any app installed on your device such as email, MMS, clipboard & social media
-Rearrange GIF frames by clicking and dragging
-Both landscape and portrait modes

-Save time by generating GIFs for yourself – no more difficult software to learn – simply chose to create
-Generate GIFs offline – no internet connection is necessary for app to generate GIFs

Why wait – get Gify today and start creating your own personalized animations, memes, promotional graphics, artwork and so much more!