Air Wars


The ULTIMATE simplistic chopper versus plane game.  You are the commander in chief for your chopper and the sole person responsible to avoid the enemy and collect the gold rings.  Secure additional levels by collecting points and discovering new levels!  Exciting for friends and family to join in!


  • Instantly playable chopper combat versus planes
  • Simple to use controls makes movement of your chopper simple and quick
  • 4 different levels of play – unlock these levels by attaining certain number of points
  • Hours of fun and challenging game play


  • Save time – the simplistic design allows for quick game learning
  • Challenging – level up by collecting points entering into challenges
  • Hours of game enjoyment – what better way to pass time with a challenging came that is easy to use

The battlefield is set and it is time for your mission to start.  Download Air Wars today and secure your fame and fortune in an epic battle between choppers and planes!





Air Wars – Helicopter vs Plane is pretty straight forward.  You have buttons that move the helicopter forward along with a button on the left hand side that engages your torpedoes.  As the game progresses, the enemies will be coming at you faster and faster so be sure to stay towards the left hand side of the screen.

If enemies get in the way (in your line of sight), you will need to destroy them or to navigate around them.  You are not required to shoot – just navigate around the others flying towards you and collect the golden rings.